Ep. 7- Teresa Scott, DDS: On Healing Holistically from Stage 4 Cancer

Dr. Teresa Scott is a holistic/ biological family dentist who practices in Spring, Texas, where she also resides with her husband and two daughters. With her patients, Dr. Scott uses the most modern dental technology while also ensuring that her products and procedures are safe and non-toxic. In December 2015, Dr. Scott was diagnosed with Stage 4B endometrial cancer and given a maximum of one year to live with chemotherapy. Without chemotherapy, she was given a maximum of nine months to live.  She chose to have focal radiation as a palliative measure for the intractable pain in her hip, which was the site of her metastasis. However, she chose NOT to do chemotherapy or follow any other conventional treatments. Instead, she sought out and followed holistic methods. Over two years later, she is cancer-free and tells her incredible story.


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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Key factors in Teresa’s healing from cancer, including the R.G.C.C. test, which tests circulating tumor cells against 40 different natural substances
  • Important resources in fighting cancer holistically
  • Her specific diet to keep her body cancer-free
  • How to keep your body alkaline, so cancer cannot survive
  • Teresa’s recommendations for someone fighting cancer holistically

Link to episode in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ep-7-teresa-scott-dds-on-healing-holistically-from/id1330534343?i=1000408063334&mt=2

Additional Resources:

If you are diagnosed with cancer (or someone you love) and are interested in holistic healing, follow Teresa’s Facebook group for ideas and encouragement: https://www.facebook.com/groups/359240961218608/

Find wholesome, clean recipes in Teresa’s Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crunchyfoodies/

Follow Teresa’s holistic dental practice here: https://www.facebook.com/Teresamscottdds/

Dr. Teresa Scott’s new practice site (coming soon!): www.holisticdentalassociates.com

For information on the R.G.C.C. or “Greece” cancer test: https://www.rgcc-group.com/

The Truth About Cancer: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/


**Teresa was kind enough to write out some specific answers for a few of the interview questions prior to the podcast interview. See below.**

Tell us about your health journey.

Well, it’s a long story. I have had poor health since childhood. At one point, I was on 12 different prescription medications to try to control all of my symptoms. And truthfully, my doctors simply didn’t know how to properly diagnose me. Holistic medicine healed me. Nutrition healed me. I do take a LOT of supplements! But it’s all basically concentrated food. I will never be able to absorb my nutrients through food alone due to a gastric bypass I had 16 years ago.

Anyway, 2015 was a tough year for me. A lot of things in my life were going wrong at the same time. The worst of it was that the gastric bypass and many courses of antibiotics for recurring infections had left me with a leaky gut and a raging systemic candida infection. I had severe insomnia. I hadn’t slept a decent night for 12 years at that point. I was a mess, physically, psychologically, emotionally. A ticking time bomb. And it caught up with me in the form of cancer.


How did you determine the path that you should take to restore health to your body?

  1. I did choose to do the focal radiation. Not the whole pelvic one. But just to the spot in my hip that was hurting so badly. I was in intractable pain. Nothing worked. Try to imagine a red hot fire brand poker stabbing you in your hip. And then imagine that someone is rooting around with that and stabbing you again and again. That’s what it felt like even with the epidural I had. I couldn’t feel my feet, but I could feel that cancer pain in my hip bone. The doctors hadn’t figured out it was a metastasis at that point. They just thought it was post op pain. I don’t respond to pain medications. I was in severe pain for 56 hours straight after my hysterectomy. It was horrible, and I still get flashbacks occasionally. But it’s familial for me. My mom and youngest daughter also don’t respond to narcotics.

That being said, I knew that chemo wasn’t for me. My dad and grandma died from cancer. They tried to fight it allopathically, and it did not work. I knew that if I went the allopathic route, I would die for sure, and I wouldn’t last even a year. Now, I’m 27 months out- cancer free, near as all my blood tests can tell. And they keep getting better. We keep tweaking it.

  1. I took the R.G.C.C. (https://www.rgcc-group.com/) test to determine my initial course of action. It’s expensive! $2300. Until then, I was flailing, panicking that I was going to die, and trying so hard to just stay calm for my family. I’m our sole source of support. If I don’t work, we don’t get paid. It was a scary time for us. The R.G.C.C. test indicated that IV Vitamin C was my best bet and gave me some hope.
  2. After the IV Vitamin C put me into remission, I had to learn to trust my naturopath. She tested me every 2 months. She put me on different supplements to tweak me. And we have been doing that since then.


What do you believe were key factors in your healing?

  1. God. The fact that I got to survive – I’m not that special. I’m not extra worthy of anything. God let me live for His own reasons, and I’m not privy to them. But I’m incredibly grateful. I promised Him if He let me live that I would do what I could to help other people. So I’m doing that. I’m paying it forward.
  2. IV Vitamin C. My R.G.C.C. test told me that Vitamin C was going to be my most powerful weapon. And it was.
  3. Diet – it’s very clean. 80% veggies and fruits. And mostly veggies. 20% grass fed meats, nuts, seeds, etc. 100% gluten free, 100% sugar free – not even honey or maple syrup. 98% grain free. I will occasionally have some quinoa or oatmeal or corn – all organic, of course. Rice makes my blood sugar plummet, so I avoid it. I don’t eat bread unless I make it myself. I don’t eat pasta unless it’s paleo, and even then, it’s a total treat. And if we go to a Mexican restaurant, I do allow myself to eat the chips and salsa. Some days, I just need to have that little bit of leeway. When we eat out, it’s generally some kind of grilled chicken and salad or veggies. Needless to say, we don’t eat out often, because honestly, I’m a better cook at this point. There are days when I get tired of the dietary restrictions. But I keep it up 98% of the time (except for sugar, where I don’t ever give myself a pass). Because I get to live.
  4. A naturopath who really understood how to tweak an immune system to get it to work for itself.


What do you do now to maintain optimal health?

  1. I take a bucket of supplements, and my diet is pristine. I have my blood tested every 2 months, and we tweak my supplements accordingly. I see my chiropractor regularly. I do other healing modalities, whether it’s reiki or ozone therapy or whatever I can do, when I have money and time to do it.

What advice would you give to someone who is diagnosed with cancer and interested in healing in a holistic manner?

  1. Do your research. Thetruthaboutcancer.com has over 100 hours of lectures on the different holistic healing modalities. All of them have at least some validity. Some work better for some people, others for others. Nothing works 100% for anyone. Cancer has different causes, different responses to things. So my approach may not work for someone else.
  2. Consider doing the “Greece” cancer test. It’s the RGCC group that does it. It tested my circulating tumor cells against 40 different natural substances. It gave me an initial roadmap. It’s expensive, but it told me which natural substances would work best for me. I directed my financial resources towards IV Vitamin C because it told me that my cancer responded best to Vitamin C. And it was right. IV Vitamin C put me into remission in 90 days. And I have stayed there since.
  3. Sugar feeds cancer. No matter the dietary approach a person chooses to take, sugar is a no. For the rest of their life. Period. In my house, we don’t even eat honey or maple syrup – well, my girls, occasionally, but never me. I have just a few sweeteners that I allow myself, and even then, sweets made with them are a treat, not a regular thing. They must be organic. So organic stevia, erythritol, monk fruit and coconut sugar. A new one has come out recently called Tagatose, and it’s supposedly a prebiotic fiber and also natural. I’m still investigating that one. Mostly, I stick to organic erythritol. It tastes like sugar, bakes like sugar. So it works for me. Those are the only things I really allow myself. Stevia is a tricksy one, because a lot of the time, they use dextrose to cut it. So you have to read labels.
  4. Alkalinity is key. Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment. But all of the things like alkaline water and baking soda are a crutch. Don’t get me wrong. They are a crutch I used until I could figure out how to become alkaline with my diet alone. But it has been many months since I have felt the need to take baking soda. I test my urine on a pH strip every time I go to the restroom. And if my pH drops below 6.5, I am doing something to try to alkalize myself, and right away. Usually it’s lemon juice. I juice every single morning- 25 oz of carrots, beets, greens, some kind of fruit, and the juice of 2 lemons.   I juice the carrots and the beets, and then blend in the greens and the fruit and the lemon juice. I add probiotics and Pectasol (modified citrus pectin) to my juicy smoothie. That generally does the trick for me. As long as I behave with the rest of my food for the day, I can stay alkaline.










3 Replies to “Ep. 7- Teresa Scott, DDS: On Healing Holistically from Stage 4 Cancer”

  1. Congratulations on being cancer free! Sounds like you have a lot in common with our dear friend Everett Potter from Landsford ND. He too, had cancer and had seen his mom die from it…he studied nutrition and has since been healed of 28 diseases as he was so sickly all his life. He has worked with 1000’s of others helping them achieve better quality of life now. He has helped my husband, Ken. We use a blue green algae product from Cerule. Ken’s pancreas started to work again & he is insulin free 9 months, Mayo can’t find any prostate cancer and his stage 4 renal failure has been stablilized. Praise the Lord! I have a difficult time with sugar….would love to discuss things with you. 320-424-3057 cell


    1. So thrilled to hear of this wonderful news!! Thanks be to God! Saying a prayer for continued health for you all. If you would like to talk to Teresa, you might find her through the Holistic Cancer Warrior Facebook group listed above ❤


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